Electric boats

Ecologic constructions

In Poland the lightest boat powered by photovoltaic panels was created. It is an unusual combination of sport with renewable energy sources. The hull of the boat weighs only 12 kg and is built according to infusion technology. The boat with all equipment weighs 224.5 […]


Loading and storing energy on boats. One of the examples of loading are alternators on engine. It is very expensive solution because one hour of operation of the device consumes from 8 to 10 liters of oil. Solar panels are a very good solution but […]


Boats accessories Each boat should have its own equipment: mooring buoys, scoops for water, oars and paddle accessories, anchors and weights. We should also poses rescue vests and insurance equipment. In bad weather you can also use sea protective helmets.


A vehicle moving on water, ice or land. By sucking air up from environment airboat drift. It is not possible move with strong uneven terrain and large slopes. Hovercraft is used in troops while patrolling swamps in order to rescue in difficult places and races.

Rafting boat

We can distinguish two types of rafting boats. The first one is rowing – drives by our muscles and the second one is motor with mechanic engine. When using a pontoon remember to put on life-saving or safety vests. We can use pontoons when fishing […]


It is a small boat such as fishing, canoe, rowing and pedalo. In majority of places we can swim using boats but there are some exceptions in case of safety issues. They are cheaper than other water vehicles and can be an interesting alternative for […]

Jet ski

Motorway able to seat up to 4 people. The scooter acquires power from the most common combustion engine. They can reach speeds up to 115 km/h.

Sail boat

Sail boat in majority or only is drive by wind power. There are two types of sail boats. Bigger more comfortable and smaller ones. The next example of classification is number of hulls, they are available in versions from one to fourhulls. The most important […]

Motor boat

Launch is drive at least by one mechanic engine. Motor boats are quite small water vehicles and are most often used in a recreational and sporting way but for warfare as well. In order to drive launch in Poland a proper patent Is needed such […]