Electric boats

Start R+D+I business, under the EU funded coaching service

  • Number of enterprises supported: 10 from Zachodniopomorskie Region.
  • The number of companies that can establish cooperation within the framework of the coaching service: 300 (Poland, abroad).
  • Form of service: personal (appointments in the office of the cluster/at the entrepreneur/ online).

Innovation Coaching is a complementary tool designed within the ELMAR project, in response to the needs of entrepreneurs who intend to invest actively in innovation and R+D works. The purpose of support is to guide the entrepreneurs in the process of defining and implementing a service or product development in the area of electric mobility of vessels.

Innovation Coaching (technologies) is addressed to entrepreneurs operating in the area of electric mobility of vessels. An essential element of cooperation under this programme is the company’s willingness to introduce a technological innovation or an innovative service.

Under the ELMAR project, an entrepreneur receives free support in the form of:

  • Analysis of the potential of the planned project
  • Analysis of the company’s needs for the planned change
  • Support for entry of investments (initiation / monitoring / evaluation)
  • Entrepreneurs apply for participation in the project on the basis of the application form available here.

Support areas:

  • Establishment of cooperation,
  • Expanding production or service activities,
  • Improving the service or product,
  • Development of a marketing plan to introduce the service / product to foreign markets,
  • Securing a legal invention or trade mark related to the market for electric mobility of vessels

Examples of projects, in which the coach might support the company:

  • A manufacturer of electric motors plans to expand its production of motors suitable for installation in boats / yachts/ ships / ferries
  • A manufacturer of engines/equipment in the field of electric mobility or energy storage is planning to acquire a grant, and therefore intends to plan and implement a project that expands the business or enables a different business / technology direction.
  • The entrepreneur, within the framework of the implemented project or activity, wishes to join an industry cluster associated with energy, water transport, construction, sailing and requires support in determining the offer to companies, to go out into the area of cooperation with other companies.

What is innovative coaching?

It is an educational and information service in which the coach will first analyse the branch, environment and previous experiences of the enterprise and then, in the process of direct cooperation with the entrepreneur, will examine the company’s potential, possibilities and resources in the scope of R+D+I. In terms of analysing the potential of an enterprise, the coach assesses the financial situation, human resources, infrastructure, complexity and reality of innovation. As a result, the coach will present recommendations for the entrepreneur, containing guidelines and paths for the implementation of innovations in the enterprise and will indicate the possibilities of acquiring funds for innovations from the European Union.

How to sign for the innovating coaching: GET THE FORM